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2012 Portraits: Women Designers 2012
University of the Arts Brighton, Faculty of Arts, research project
Althea McNish
2011 A Cultural Diversity Affair at the Royal College of Art BLACK EXHIBITION in London
Dunia Sep 2011, 'Althea Mcnish, Trinidad - textile designer'
06 September 2011
2010 Caribbean Communities in Europe (CACOEU)
Althea McNish as one of the speakers in the CACOEU 10th anniversary celebration,
'Three High-Achieving Caribbean women living in the UK'
link broken
2009 George Padmore Institute
chapter on Althea McNish, including illustrations of work, in
'Building Britannia: Life experience with Britain'
2009 Tate Papers
reference to Althea McNish in
'The Other Story and the Past Imperfect', Jean Fisher
Tate Papers 12, Autumn 2009
2009 Culture 24
reference to Althea McNish in article
'Hull Ferens Art Gallery celebrates iconic 1960s textile and furniture design', Natalie Hunt
with illustration of GOLDEN HARVEST*
24 November 2009
2009 The Guardian
reference to Althea McNish in exhibition preview
'Shirley Craven And Hull Traders, Hull', Teri Grenert
" ... and Althea McNish's vibrant reflections of the Caribbean ... "
14 November 2009
2009 BBC Humberside
reference to Althea McNish in article
'Sixties style swings into Hull'
" ... and Althea McNish, Britain's first black textile designer ... "
7 October 2009
2009 The Textile Blog
reference to Althea McNish in article
'Revolutionary Post-War Fabrics and Furniture: Shirley Craven and Hull Traders' *
2 October 2009
link broken
2009 The Textile Blog
reference to Althea McNish in article 'Althea McNish - Textile Designer '*
19 June 2009
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2008 Royal College of Art Society
article on Althea McNish in Digital News
August 2008
2008 The Textile Blog
reference to Althea McNish in article 'Heal Fabrics and the 1960s'*
December 2008
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2008 Whitworth Gallery, Manchester
printed textiles designed by Althea McNish as part of the exhibition
'Trade and Empire: Remembering Slavery', 2008-2009:
including GOLDEN HARVEST* (Whitworth T.10271)
2007 Camden New Journal
reference to Althea McNish in article 'A Caribbean hothouse for the arts in a cold climate'
Angela Cobbinah, October 2007
2007 University of the Arts London, Alumni Association
article on Althea McNish's receipt of honorary degree of Doctor of Arts of the University of Trinidad and Tobago:
Alumni Association e-bulletin
, February 2007: including TROPIQUE*
2003 Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)
notice of exhibition 'Althea McNish: My world of colour', April 2003;
biographical note in program for conference
'The African Diaspora in the Americas: Current Research', April 2003
1997 Caribbean Cultural Centre, New York
references in reviews of exhibition 'Transforming the Crown: African, Asian and Caribbean Artists in Britain, 1966-1996':
'This Realm of Newcomers, This England' by Holland Cotter, New York Times, 24 October 1997
'A new take on an old kingdom' by Henry Chase, American Visions, 12:6 December 1997-January 1998
Society for Caribbean Studies
painting HURRICANE * shown in website
National Society for Art Education
report of talk given by Althea McNish to the 1984 annual conference
Stuart Macdonald, Journal for Art and Design Education, vol 3/3, 1984
1960 P&O Orient Line
illustrated in the official postcard of the liner's Tourist Class Restaurant .
1958 Liberty
CEBOLLAS* and HIBISCUS* : furnishing fabric designs for Liberty, 1958
from Design Council Slide Collection
1950 Carmen England
Reference to murals in Carmen England's club of the 1950s in Carmen England Biography (1909–1991), Black Music in Britain: Essays on the Afro-Asian Contribution to Popular Music.
The Best of Trinidad & Tobago
Entry in "The Best of Trinidad & Tobago" compiled by Ronald C. Emrit
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